Blog #21: Can you give me a general overview of business writing?

What is business writing all about?

Do you picture long lists, charts, power-points, and memos?

If you do, you are certainly not the only person.

Business writing does sometimes comprise of the things I just listed, but that’s not all.

Business writing is formal. It is concise. It does not use big words when a small words will do. Business writers do not use “purple prose.” They do not try to string out long images and adjectives like a poet would. On the other hand, there words are not boring either. The writing conveys important messages, no more, no less.

Reports, resumes, and presentations also make up a good deal of the business world.

Blogs are also important in today’s world. They might not be the first thing that comes to most peoples’ minds. Blogging is a relatively new medium for businesses to use. I will be showing a lot of this through out this business blog.


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