Blog #4: What exactly is a leader, are they the ones always giving the speeches?

Leaders are people who speak for their organizations. Leaders speak up when things are at stake.

They don’t write their speeches the night before. They don’t leave all their planning to 3 a.m. No professional speaker would dream of waiting until the last minute to prepare a speech that could cost themselves a job.

The goal of any speech is to influence and inspire. To do this, a speaker must present their true self. No audience is fooled when a speaker does not mean what they are saying.

Leaders taking clear positions on issues. You know what side they are on from the beginning.

They may be charismatic naturally, or they may not. Charisma is not necessary to give a good speech. Practice and confidence will often do in place of a natural ability to inspire.

Being prepared and calm are also important.  Shaking of the “willies” before going up is key to getting your speech done without running off stage.



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