Blog #5 Let me have your attention, please.

How do you get people’s attention?

Do you shout, do you scream? Do you wear bright clothing?

Surprise is a key way to get an audience’s attention. Tell them something they don’t know. Don’t give away your central message without a good punch.

Make the audience work for it. Have a build up. If you tell them first, they may zone out for the rest of the speech and miss key parts.

You have to make them curious. This can be done by making a “curiosity gap” according to Heath, the author of Making Ideas Stick.

You have to make your audience want to know what your not telling them.

I also like the author’s use of referencing the “school’s out” messages.

What is more exciting than hearing that a class is canceled? Or that some major event is going to happen soon?

You have to give that to your audience. Give ’em fireworks.


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