Blog #6: Responding to a sad, but funny article. You’ll see.

Above is the link to Business Writing Blog.

I have just reviewed an article about a man looking for a job, while on the job.

At first it is hard to catch his mistake, what could be wrong with e-mailing a potential employer?

He ruined himself in two ways.

First, he e-mailed from his current work address. The employer he is trying to work for can already see that he doesn’t really need a job.

Second, he e-mailed during his current work place’s hours!

Instead of waiting until after work and using an unrelated e-mail address, he made two terrible errors.

Who he hoped to be his potential employer saw that he was not that great of a worker if he was doing outside searches on the job.

It is funny that the man messed up, but sad that he lost a new job opportunity.

The key is to show good work ethic before ever walking in the doors.

Remember that.



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