Blog #7: Let’s Lay Down Some Concrete

Responding to Heath’s book about making ideas sticky.

What is a concrete idea?

Well, to not answer the question, it is the opposite of abstract.

You may be confusing these with forms of nouns, but they are more than that.

Ideas can be concrete or abstract.

Think of Aesop’s fables. I’m sure you can name at least one or two.

Those are sticky ideas. They’ve lasted the ages.

Good business ideas should be like that. Your idea must be concrete. It must be touchable. It cannot be something that is hard to imagine. It must be feasible.

That’s what makes a good business proposition, feasibility.

The company must be able to think of the business proposition as something possible. No one is going to go after an idea that seems ludicrous.

Abstract ideas are those that are impossible to touch. Examples of this would be emotions. You can’t touch an emotion, but you can show one.



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