Blog #22: Wanna Summarize Something?

Today in class, we went over summaries and abstracts.

I would like to start off explaining what an abstract is. Personally, I had never heard of one before. I figured it just meant abstract concepts. Well, when talking about summarizing things, an abstract is basically like a table of contents. You don’t use lots of words to describe something, you just condense the material into something akin to an outline.

Most of you probably think you know what a summary is, and you probably do.

A summary is a summed up amount of information. Take a book or pamphlet, for example.

The information written on the back, or the inside cover, is a summary.

It is not all the information in the book, but it is a condensed version that hits the main points and lets you know what’s going on.

A summary does not need every single detail, it just needs the main points. Sounds simple enough, right?

Happy summarizing.


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