Blog #25: So, do you want to be a circus clown?

I am almost certain that the answer to that question is no. Even if it is, I think this blog post will do you some good when writing your resume to get that job at the circus.

To write a resume, you must know what job you want. There is no one fits all resume. For whatever job your applying for, you need to list different sets of skills. Someone applying to be a clown is certainly not going to write down the same skills as someone applying for an IT position.

Research the position you want. What does that company want? What do you have that they want?

It is okay if the lists don’t exactly match up. Don’t expect them to. Just list everything you have that would apply to that job.

The only thing to keep in mind is to not list things that aren’t applicable. If you have a great skill, such as balloon animals, that’s awesome.

Just don’t list it on your business resume, okay?


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