Blog #9: Got Cred?

What exactly is credibility? What does credibility get you? How does it win over an audience?

This post will attempt to answer all of those questions.

What’s the difference between someone you know telling you something and a celebrity?

Well, it is a fallacy to think a celebrity knows something outside of his or her area of expertise.

Wouldn’t you believe a close friend who has had the experience?

The answer is probably yes. The friend has a level of credibility because he or she has experienced it and because you probably think that he or she is honest.

Credibility is when a person has the authority to say something about a subject and it be seen as factual.

Credibility makes the audience pay attention and believe the message.

Being an authority on a subject wins over the audience because the audience thinks it is receiving facts on a subject.

Do you have cred?

Can you gain it?



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