Blog#10: Laying out some design. Is it effective?

global carbon footprint

Take a look at that document. Here’s what it comes from.

This document displays the carbon footprint of the countries in the world.

Instead of just listing meaningless percentages, the creator of this document made the percentages into something concrete, literally a footprint of carbon usage.

I think this document is extremely effective in displaying who is doing the most and the least amount of energy expending. It is funny that China and the United States are neck and neck when the populations are so different. This makes the U.S. look kind of bad, doesn’t it? I think that perhaps the point of the graph is to show which countries are doing badly in protecting the environment from excess carbon.

The little countries appear to use barely anything at all, these mostly being third world countries. This includes small islands as well. It covers the human population of everywhere.

The document displays all the information in a very visual way that gets the point across easier than an essay probably would.

I would rate it an A in effectiveness and creativity.


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