Blog #11 Emotional Commotion

Where do emotions come in with ideas? Do emotions hinder or help?

Emotions can help an ideas stickiness. When a person feels emotionally involved with an issue, they are more likely to pay attention and let the idea “stick” in his or her mind.

This goes back to credibility. A person may seem to have more credibility if the audience connects with them on an emotional level. On the other hand, a proper level has to be displayed.

If the speaker is blubbering, the audience may not hear them, or care to remember the message, another part of credibility.

So should a speaker play on the emotions?

I would say it really depends on the subject. Some business subjects would not work if the audience is crying. On another note, making the audience angry might make a proposal go through faster.

It is really all up to the person who is trying to make his or her idea stick. Don’t play the emotion card if you can’t hand the commotion.


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