Blog #12 Let’s Complete Some Tasks

I’m responding to this article. 

How do you feel about multitasking? We all do it, but is it good?

Multitasking is one of the worst things any writer can do. You may think that multi-tasking saves you time – but it really doesn’t.

When you multitask, your brain has to focus on several things at once and jump around. Overall, that makes whatever you are working on suffer. Instead of trying to go from your e-mail, to writing a paper, to checking your blog, to heading back to the e-mail, just do one at a time.

When your  brain only has to focus on one thing, it does that one thing so much more efficiently. If the problem is that you are getting tired of what you are currently working on, take a ten minute break. Break the monotony. Just don’t decrease your efficiency by trying to take on multiple tasks at once. In the end, it is just not worth it.

Happy tasking! Don’t do too many.


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