Blog #15 Response to Annoying Ways People Use Sources

Responding to Stedman’s “Annoying Ways People Use Sources.”

I love the analogy in this. I really hate driving. Driving is the bane of my existence. The interstate is the most annoying part of my week. Grammar mistakes and driving do have things in common. It’s a surprising analogy.

Hitting a small animal in the road may seem like no big deal to a driver, but leaving an error in a paper can lead to dire consequences. (Maybe not dire, per say, but noticeable) A reader doesn’t want to stumble when they read. A reader wants the text to flow as it should. (I hope I’m not stumbling any of you right now.)

Plopping a quote into a paragraph is wrong, I am guilty of that one. I occasionally forget to put in lead-ins. I say, “Oh well, no one will notice.” My teachers notice though.

In short, try not to be annoying. Sometimes, you may do it on accident though and that is forgivable.


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