Blog #18 Response to Business Writing Post

Here’s the link. This article is about unsubscribing from people on social networks and other sites of that nature.

We are living in an age where the digital world is equated with real life friendship. In some cases this may be so and in others not. People are often hurt when others “unsubscribe” “unfollow” or “unfriend” them. Why is this? Well, often people consider digital relationships just important as real ones.

I can understand this. I’ve had a tumblr account for several months now and it always ticked me off when someone unfollowed. I had been wanting to reach 100 followers for a long time. (Achieved 100 followers two weeks ago)

This article suggests that when you choose to unfollow someone, in the case that you do know them in real life, that you should write them a short note explaining why you are doing so. I agree that it is probably for the best to do so. Losing a friend over such a trivial matter is silly.


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