Blog #19 More Writing Concisely

Writing workshop #7 involved more writing concisely. The examples involved were taken from work that my class and I had turned in over the semester. The main thing wrong with the writing we were correctly was redundancy. Although redundancy may seem like something that is easily avoidable, it is not always each to catch. One example I remember went something like “all new and established employees.” Rather than saying that, you could simply put all employees because it encompasses everyone that does and will work for the company. It is much shorter and to the point. All of the examples went something like that. Writing concisely is all about taking out unnecessary wording. Being an English major often makes me lean towards the longer sentences. I suppose it is my love of words. However, longer sentences do not always equal better sentences. This is something all college students could stand to learn before they head out into the real world.


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