Blog #20 Let’s Sum Up this Semester

What have I learned this semester?

Writing Intensive Business and Professional Writing was about all writing in the workplace. Before this course, I was not aware of all of the different types of writing that goes on in the business world. I thought that there were a few memos, e-mails, and letters involved. Business writing is more than that. There are reports, longer memos, bad news letter, company letters, resumes, and much more. This being said, I believe that business writing is more interesting than the majority of the population tends to believe. It is useful to know how to write in the business world. This helps us know how to move throughout the world of business without making social faux pas that would lose a less learned employee his or her job. This class would be useful for anyone who plans on working in a business or starting their own. 

Business writing is about being concise. It is about avoiding bureaucratic language to open the way for language that all readers can understand.


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